Team Description Trainer
DTU Open 3 Beginners and low level Joakim Jakobsen
DTU Open 2 Medium level Christian Agular Knudsen
DTU Open 1 High level Hela Gawrońska & Anna-Maria Stouki
DTU Mix League 1 SVBK's Mix 1 Tomasz Kamiński & Casper Kure
Vianney Courdent & Denis Kirchhübel
Christian Agular Knudsen
DTU Mix League 2 SVBK's Mix 2 Armand Myrda
DTU Women's League DVBF's Division 2 Guillem Aguila
DTU Men's League DVBF's Division 1 Casper Kure

The level of each player is assessed by the trainers who have the final decision on which team they belongs to. The teams differ in terms of level, physical training, expectation from the players, and involvement. All open-training teams are mix teams.

Participating in the league teams requires involvement in all trainings and availability for weekend games (which differs depending on the team). For more information, please contact Christian Agular Knudsen.

All players are welcome to participate in the SVBK’s Alternativ Stævner, which occurs around every three weeks (schedule available here). At least one and a half week before any event, the tournament responsible Jens Kristian Jørsboe will get in touch with the players. Among other mix tournaments, DTU Volley participates in the CBS Challenge, KSV’s DSM, or any open tournament proposed by the volleyball union.

In collaboration with other volleyball clubs from the Copenhagen area, some friendly games are occasionally organized on Friday evenings, giving the opportunity for even more fun and meeting new people.

Membership Fees

The following fees entitle to one semester at DTU Volley. Semesters are determined by the DTU academic calendar.

Student Non-student
Semester Season Semester Season
DTU Volley Open 350 kr 600 kr 550 kr 1000kr
SVBK League 400 kr 700kr 625 kr 1150kr
DVBF (Division) League 550 kr 1000kr 850 kr 1600kr
Passive* 50 kr
Beach Volley** 75 kr

* The passive status does not enable to participate in the training.
** DTU Volley players are automatically part of DTU Beach Volley.

How to join

Our club has a limited capacity, thus we cannot guarantee a spot to everyone.

If you would like to join the club, please send an email to our player responsible Christian Agular Knudsen. We will reply with a short description of the current club situation and (if free spots are available) the sign-up process.

If you have any questions, please contact the player responsible Christian Agular Knudsen or the treasurer Dana Cobzaru.

The fee should be paid to the following account:
Bank: Danske Bank
Reg nr
.: 9570
Account nr.: 12314779
IBAN: DK5630000012314779

Please remember to state your name in the transfer text.

DTU Volley does not cover the costs of international transfers. Hence, a transfer fee has to be added if you make a transfer from abroad. The current Danske Bank fee is 50DKK for a standard transfer and 20DKK for a SEPA transfer. Please, make sure which transfer type you are choosing.

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