DTU Volley Board (Bestyrelsen)

The board of DTU Volley is in charge of diverse tasks from administration to the well-being of the players. The board members are listed hereafter. If you have a question related to one of the areas of competences, please contact the related person. In case you do not know who to refer to, please contact the president.

Position Name Contact
President (Formand)

The president and heart of the DTU Volley club. He coordinates all the activities and keeps the board in order. Contact him regarding high-level club business (e.g. DTU Sport).
Christian Agular Knudsen president@dtu-volley.dk
Treasurer (Kasserer)

Responsible for the club budget, accounting and collective club fees. Let him know if you have finance-related questions.
Jens Kristian Jørsboe treasurer@dtu-volley.dk
Players Responsible (Spilleransvarlig)

Your first contact person regarding issues with the club, training sessions, trainers and other players. Also, the coordinator for the league teams and referees.
Christoffer Von Der Osten players@dtu-volley.dk
Material Responsible (Materialeansvarlig)

Responsible for maintaining our dear materials (nets, balls, etc.) and infrastructure issues. Contact him with problems or requests regarding the equipment.
Armand Myrda material@dtu-volley.dk
HOW YOU DOIN Tournament Responsible (Turneringsansvarlig)

Responsible for our tournament activity. If you would like to know more about the tournaments, or if you have any suggestions regarding what to sign up for, let him know.
Yunus Sahin tournament@dtu-volley.dk
  Social Activities Responsible

The center of the DTU Volley social life. Whether you stay for a dinner, beers, or a party – she is the one behind it. Also handles your social activity bills so be sure to be on her good side.
Anna-Maria Stouki social@dtu-volley.dk
Public Relations Responsible

Responsible for the internal and external communication, and club merchandise. Noticed anything about our Facebook, website, posters, fliers or emails? Do you have any interesting suggestions? Feel free to reach out!
Marianna Barańska pr@dtu-volley.dk