DTU Volley Board (Bestyrelsen)

The board of DTU Volley is in charge of diverse tasks from administration to the well-being of the players. The board members are listed hereafter. If you have a question related to one of the areas of competences, please contact the related person. In case you do not know who to refer to, please contact the president.

Position Name Contact
Nienke President (Formand) Nienke Kirchhübel president@dtu-volley.dk
Treasurer (Kasserer) Dana Cobzaru treasurer@dtu-volley.dk
Players Responsible (Spilleransvarlig) Guillem Aguila players@dtu-volley.dk
Denis Material Responsible (Materialeansvarlig) Denis Kirchhübel material@dtu-volley.dk
Tournament Responsible (Turneringsansvarlig) Martine Kam tournament@dtu-volley.dk
Social Activities Responsible Silvia Tarantino social@dtu-volley.dk
Public Relations Responsible Tomasz Kamiński pr@dtu-volley.dk