Try-outs 2019 info

Because we have limited spots for the tryouts please sign up in advance either by sending us a message on Facebook (DTU Volley) or to

Since there’s a lot of you that are interested in the club, even when you show us your best on the try-outs sadly we cannot promise that you will get in. Come out and still try though, maybe you’ll get to be the lucky one! :)

Please be a little bit earlier since there’s going to be a lot of you and we want to make the best out of time we have!

See you on Monday and Wednesday (2nd and 4th of September!)

You can find the corresponding events on Facebook here:

DTU Volley Open teams try-outs on Monday 2nd

DTU Volley Open teams try-puts on Wednesday

DTU Volley Women’s and Mix team try-outs

DTU Volley Men’s and Mix team try-outs

Stay gold!

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